Global Family Dental In Farmingdale Long Island

The dentists at Global Family Dental are able to meet the dental needs of you and your family. We treat patients of all ages and always aim to provide you with the best service possible.

Each of our dentists is licensed and certified, and some are trained in various specialties, enabling us to give you a wide range of dental services. Our goal is to provide you with services that help you to keep or repair your beautiful smile. We provide:

  • Our Preventive Program– helps families to protect their teeth and smile. This program enables the whole family to keep their teeth longer and to save money by detecting and treating dental problems in the early stages.
  • General Dentistry– this includes most of our services ranging from the filling of cavities (with tooth-colored materials), dental checkups and cleaning, TMJ problems, root canals, extractions, teeth whitening, oral cancer exams, periodontal treatments, and much more.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry– when your smile needs a makeover, we can help you. We replace missing teeth with bridges (fixed or removable) or dental implants, provide veneers or composite bonding, add crowns and caps, Invisalign, and more.
  • Dental Emergencies– our dentists can treat dental emergencies and help you to get the pain relief and the fast treatment your need.
  • Periodontal Treatment– we recognize that periodontitis is a terrible disease that needs to be treated and eliminated as fast as possible to save your gums and teeth. In order to help eliminate it, we provide medications and scaling and root planing, and we also can help restore your gums and teeth.
  • Pain Management– when you have dental pain or jaw pain, we can diagnose the problem and help you find relief.

Your First Visit

When you first come to see us, we will provide you with an oral exam of your mouth, gums, and teeth, and will also take an x-ray. This will enable us to see current or even possible future problems for better treatment. If you have periodontitis, we will also do periodontal probing and make recommendations for specialized treatment.

We are able to accept most dental insurance plans. We also have special family discount plans and offer other ways to save money.

At Global Family Dental, we understand that your smile means much to you. We know that a beautiful smile adds beauty, self-confidence, and youth to your face, and we want to give it to you. Of course, if your smile already looks great, we can help keep it that way.

We want you to become one of our favored customers. We believe you and your family will enjoy our friendly atmosphere and office staff. We aim to provide you with the best service possible and we enjoy seeing the beautiful smile we can put on your face.