Getting medical & dental attention when you need it is not only important, it is necessary. Going to an emergency room at a hospital may not be your best option, unless it is indeed a life-threatening emergency. The best urgent care clinic Long Island is Global Family Dental, all of your other medical & dental needs can be provided their – and you can receive them quickly.

Speedy Treatment

Going to an emergency room is likely going to mean that you will need to wait for hours until you will actually be seen by a doctor. Not only that, but while you are waiting for hours, you will also likely be exposed to other illnesses that other patients in the same waiting room have.

Urgent care centers seek to provide all their patients with quick treatment. This means little wait time, and getting treated quickly. In addition, urgent care centers, such as Global Family Dental can provide nearly all medical & dental services you might need – except for care in life-threatening emergencies.

The Medical & Dental Professionals

All of the doctors and dentist at the Global Family Dental are Board-certified. They also must be certified by the insurance company, and those qualifications are becoming more strict than ever. Each one of the other medical staff, including nurses and technicians, are also certified to ensure that you get the professional treatment and care you expect.

Appointments Not Necessary

Urgent care centers aim to make medical and dental services available to those who need it. For this reason, you can walk into a clinic, and receive treatment. You do not need an appointment because walk-ins are welcome.

While many doctor’s offices often offer specialized treatment that may not include everyone – such as children – an urgent care clinic will have specialists on hand to treat all ages. All of your family’s needs can be met at Global Family Dental clinic, including vaccinations, physicals, x-rays, lab tests, and much more.

Insurance Coverage

Most health insurance plans are also accepted at the best urgent care clinic Long Island. This ensures that most people will be able to receive treatment under their health plan. To be sure that your plan is accepted, it is a good idea to call first.

Save Considerable Money

When compared to the costs of an emergency room, you will find that an urgent care clinic does not charge nearly as much. In fact, costs will typically be in the range of one-half to one-third the cost. This gives you a considerable amount of savings – and treatment that is just as good – or even better – and less wait time, too.

Open Longer Hours

Trying to find a doctor after standard business hours can be difficult. This often leaves people little choice but to go to the Emergency Room. Urgent care centers, such as the Global Family Dental center in New York, opens up at 8:00 am and stays open until 8:00 pm every night – seven days a week.


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