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Keeping your teeth clean and in good health means that brushing your teeth needs to be a daily part of your oral health routine. This is essential to protecting your teeth from potential decay and gum disease.

Why BrushingIs So Important

Every day a certain amount of bacteria normally found in your mouth is going to accumulate on your teeth. This thin film is called plaque. It needs to be eliminated daily because when some of this bacteria eats sugar it will produce an acid. The acid is what causes cavities.

The longer the bacteria are allowed to stay on your teeth, the more erosion there will be of your tooth’s enamel. Since your tooth enamel does not grow back, it is necessary to remove the bacteria and acid frequently.

If you do not brush your teeth regularly to remove the plaque, it will harden and become tartar. Once this occurs, your toothbrush is no longer effective against it, but new plaque will continue to form every day that must still be removed. The tartar could soon lead to gum disease.

Sensitive Teeth

After the acid has made holes in your tooth’s enamel, it enables food to enter into the softer layers of your teeth. Your tooth nerve is there, and certain foods, such as sweets, spices, or hot or cold foods, will cause pain when you eat them. Once your teeth become sensitive, it indicates you have a cavity and a filling or other dental treatment is needed.

Selecting the Right Toothbrush

When you buy a toothbrush, choose one with soft bristles. Since a soft toothbrush can easily remove plaque, it is not necessary to get one with hard bristles. Hard bristles will tend to wear away your gums, especially if you use a heavy hand when you brush.

Using the Toothbrush

It should always be remembered that how you use the toothbrush is more important than just using it on your teeth in any fashion. It is recommended that you divide your mouth into four sections or quadrants. Spend about 30 seconds in each section using your toothbrush on all surfaces inside and outside, then move on to the next quadrant.

Twice a Day

Each time you brush your teeth, you want to do a thorough job. It is best to brush first thing in the morning. This will remove the plaque that has accumulated while you slept, and the bad breath. This enables you to start the day with clean teeth and fresh breath. Then brush again before you go to sleep so that the bacteria do not have a head start on creating acid and damaging your teeth while you sleep. At other times during the day, you can rinse your mouth out with water when you cannot brush.

Children and Toothbrushes

Children should be taught to use a toothbrush as soon as they are able to hold it and have some coordination. Parents should gently brush their teeth for them and make it enjoyable so that they continue the habit.

The dentists at Global Family Dental encourage brushing regularly and flossing. Regular dental appointments for the whole family can help each member to maintain healthy and beautiful teeth.