Dental Implants Cost 11758

One of the best ways to get a great looking smile is to get dental implants. These teeth can give you the beautiful smile you want and they will look natural, too. An dental implants cost 11758 can replace one tooth or many of them with this method.

Advantages of Dental Implants

When compared to other forms of tooth replacement, dental implants are certainly the best. Although they typically cost a little more than other forms, the advantages make it worth it. For one thing, an implant can fill in any spaces where teeth are missing, or where there has been a natural gap.

A powerful advantage of implants is that they can be treated like your natural teeth. They will last for years (possibly even for a lifetime) and require no special care. They also will not slip and require no adhesives to keep them in place.

Because they stay in place, you also do not need to be worried about problems with your speech or eating. They are easy to care for, since you simply brush your teeth as if they were natural. Since they are not attached to nearby teeth, you can easily clean between them like your natural teeth. These features make them very convenient and comfortable, giving you the greater confidence you want.

Implant Options

A dental implant has a permanent root, which is a stem usually made of titanium. This tooth root or stem is permanently placed into your jaw bone. The new tooth, or teeth, is attached to the stem and may or may not be removable, depending on your wishes. An implant can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even all your teeth.

The Implant Procedure

The dental implants cost 11758 will work with you to determine a plan for providing you with dental implants. Generally, this will require a period of healing after the implant stems are placed into your jaw bone, which can range anywhere from six to 12 weeks. After your gums have healed, and bone has begun to attach itself to the stems, your new crowns can be placed on the stems.

The Best Candidates

While most people can get dental implants, there are some people who are not good candidates for it. Generally, the top two conditions that a dentist will look for are having enough bone for an implant stem to take hold, and for healthy gums. In some cases, problems can be overcome with surgery.

Some people with certain health conditions may also not be good candidates. This includes people who have diabetes or leukemia, which can hinder healing, and those who are smokers.

An dental implants cost 11758, also provides many forms of treatment to restore your beautiful smile and appearance.


Dental Implants Cost 11758

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Emergency Dentist Massapequa

When you practice good oral hygiene, you can help reduce the risk of certain oral complications. It is extremely important to take your dental health seriously. Make sure that you get in the habit of brushing and flossing your teeth daily. Maintaining good oral hygiene also involves maintaining a healthy diet. Visiting your dentist on a regular basis will also help preserve your dental health.

Sometimes a dental emergency can happen when you least expect it – that’s when it’s time to seek out help from an emergency dentist Massapequa. Seeing a dentist immediately can help reduce the risk of oral complications and damage.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Every person’s dental needs vary. For example, some people may not consider a certain dental emergency as serious. The important thing is to identify what is not considered an emergency over one that requires immediate medical attention. Here are questions you should ask yourself when it comes to determining it’s time to seek out an emergency dentist Massapequa.

  1. Do you have the proper expertise and equipment to treat your tooth problem?

If your answer is ‘no’, it is time to seek medical attention from a dentist.

  1. If you avoid going to the dentist, could this cause possible permanent damage?

If you answered ‘yes’, it’s time to schedule an emergency dental appointment.

Dental Emergencies

When you have a dental emergency, you can rest assured that the emergency dentist Massapequa at Global Family Dental have the expertise in treating an array of dental emergencies. Here are some dental emergencies that we currently treat:

Broken or Chipped Teeth: When your tooth is chipped or broken, it is important to act immediately. Make sure you save as many broken tooth pieces as possible. When a tooth is well preserved, after it has been extracted from the mouth, it will make it a lot easier for the dentist to restore your tooth. If you experiencing bleeding after a tooth has been broken, try to place pressure on the laceration so that you can block the flow of blood. Place a cold compress on any affected areas if you notice any swelling.

Knocked Out Teeth: Whether it’s a sports accident or any other type of injury that causes your teeth to fall out (fully or partially) make sure you ­­save the tooth for your dental appointment. Make sure you keep your tooth (or teeth) moist by placing it in a glass of water or milk.

Other Types of Emergencies: Loose dentures, problems with braces, soft tissue injuries and abscesses are a few more examples that are considered a dental emergencies.

If you recognize and experience any of the dental emergencies presented above, contact an emergency dentist to help avoid potential damage to your mouth or teeth.

Are you experiencing a dental emergency? Our emergency dentist Massapequa are available to assist you. Feel free to contact us to schedule for a dental appointment.


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Crowns Dentist Massapequa

Damaged or decayed teeth do not need to ruin your smile. In fact, you do not even need to hurt your smile with obvious fillings because new technology can eliminate this problem. A crowns dentist Massapequa can restore the natural look and color of your teeth, letting you smile with confidence once again.

The Use of Dental Crowns

A crown is usually added when the root of the tooth is still good, but when there is not enough tooth left for a filling to hold well. A crown, or the top, visible part of the tooth is added because it will make the tooth stronger and give it more usefulness. Without a crown, the remaining portion of the tooth would need to be extracted.

Crowns are usually made of one or more materials, typically metal, porcelain, or a combination of them. Porcelain crowns have become highly developed in recent years and now provide a good option to a metal or combination material crown.

Advantages of Porcelain

Although not quite as strong as a metal or combination crown, they are quite strong. The reason many people prefer the porcelain crown is its appearance. It offers a slightly translucent appearance, which enables it to more closely resemble the appearance of real teeth.

Some crowns have a metal base on them, which is visible when you smile. A porcelain tooth eliminates the metal base, letting you smile boldly and freely, and your teeth are completely natural looking.

Creating the Crown

A crown made of porcelain cannot be created in your mouth. To ensure it fits well, and will function properly along with your other teeth, a ceramic tooth is created in a lab. An impression of your mouth and teeth will be made and also sent to the lab. In the meantime, you will be given a temporary crown until the new crown is ready.

Preparation for a Crown

In some cases, a crown is added because the top part of the tooth has been damaged, or lost. The damage may be in the form of a crack or chip, or it may simply have broken off. A crowns dentist Massapequa must ensure that the remaining tooth is clean and sanitized prior to adding a crown to it. Depending on the extent and type of damage, a root canal may be necessary first. This will help prevent any bacteria from accumulating within the tooth later on.

Better Dental Crowns

One of the latest technologies in crown development is called Procera®. These ceramic crowns are made to look beautiful and to restore your tooth to its full level of functionality. It also provides dentists with the ability to perfectly match the color of your other teeth.

Another advantage is that the ceramic material used enables your gums to grow around them. This adds further stability to the tooth and lets your gums grow to be symmetrical with your gum line on nearby teeth.

Global Family Dental office is located in Farmingdale, Long Island. They have been practicing dentistry for over 30 years and they have much experience as a crowns dentist Massapequa. Call today for an appointment or consultation and get your smile restored.


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Kids Dentist Massapequa

Ensuring that your child’s teeth are taken care of and that they have dental problems corrected in a timely manner is important. A kids dentist Massapequa can provide many dental services that your child needs over the years.

A Dentist for Kids Loves Children

Not every dentist is excited about working with children, and the child can often tell. This can make your child extra nervous and not want to cooperate. A dentist that is glad to work with children will often be able to help the child to relax so that dental care can be given.

It will help your child to get accustomed to a dentist if you start them early. It is recommended that you take them when they reach their first birthday. Although still very young, it is when their teeth are first coming in, and the dentist needs to ensure that there are no problems.

Pediatric Dentists Receive Specialized Training

The dentists that work with children receive two or three extra years of training that instructs them to know how to deal with and treat children. They also learn how to meet dental issues that are of particular concern with children, such as thumb-sucking and the use of pacifiers.

The offices of a kids dentist Massapequa are also decorated to attract the interest of children and make the environment more comfortable for them. Their manner is also designed to help children cooperate more readily with a friendly face.

Your Child’s Future Smile Depends on Care Today

Everyone wants to have a great smile. Even children can be self-conscious about teeth that are not attractive. By taking care of their teeth now with regular visits to the dentist, you can help ensure that their teeth will be beautiful for years to come.

A Child Dentist Can Meet All Their Needs

As a child grows, their needs for dental care will change. A dentist trained in child care can handle most needs ranging from teeth cleaning and fillings to orthodontics. They can also help you as a parent to ensure that their teeth are being properly taken care of when they brush and learn how to floss.

The primary reason to see a pediatric dentist is to ensure that your child’s teeth and gums remain free of all dental diseases. They have to learn how to care for their teeth, and dentists work with them to provide the added protection through teeth cleaning, fillings, and other work as needed.

In order to help ensure your children get the dental care they need, a pediatric dentist may also provide other treatments, too. This may include removing teeth, treating teeth that are extra sensitive, sealing teeth, diagnosing potential future problems, and even prescribe antibiotics. They can also make recommendations when teeth need straightening by orthodontics.

Global Family Dental has a kids dentist Massapequa to work with your children for better teeth.. contact them today at (631) 977 – 7171 to get an appointment for your child to ensure a lasting smile.


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General Dentist 11758

When you need dental procedures, you want to ensure that you are going to have them done right. This requires good training and much experience. You can find a good general dentist 11758 who has all the experience you could want, and offers a wide range of dental services to meet your needs.

Family Dentistry

Dental services are offered for the whole family. Whether you need specialized dental care, or your children need a dental exam or other treatments, you can obtain all the services you need at your general dentist 11758.

Preventive Care

Helping your teeth last as long as possible is important. With the right dental care, as well as your own care, preventive treatment will help to ensure you have fewer dental bills, keep your natural teeth longer, and retain a beautiful smile. Your dentist uses a DIAGNOdent laser to help detect cavities and other tooth problems, letting dental care be given before more serious problems develop.


Crooked teeth, teeth with gaps between them, damaged teeth, and stained teeth can all be hidden by using veneers. A veneer is a thin layer of tooth-colored material that lets a dentist give you a beautiful smile and correct many dental problems. A veneer is applied to the front surface of your teeth, which are created in a lab to give you a great look and feel. You can quickly obtain the smile you always wanted with veneers

Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, or need to have some removed, dental implants can restore your natural look. Implants are anchored into your jaw bone, or right above it, and give you an excellent option to bridges. They can last for a lifetime with the right care. The crowns can be permanent or removable and can replace one or more teeth.


You or your children can also get the new Invisalign aligners at the dentist’s office. This system of aligning your teeth is much better than the older metal braces and it is invisible. No one needs to know that you are wearing them unless you tell them. They can also be removed for better cleaning and eating – letting you eat whatever you want. They are also more comfortable and often work just as well as braces.

Emergency Care

If you have a dental emergency, your downtown dentist can provide those services, too, helping prevent tooth loss. Emergency care can also be given to children, and the correct treatment be given quickly to help the child. Damaged teeth can be repaired, but it is not always possible. When a dental injury occurs, it is important to see a dentist quickly to prevent tooth loss and further damage.

Global Family Dental is the general dentist 11758 you need. Our office is in Farmingdale, Long Island and we provide many forms of dental care for the whole family. We uses the latest technology for many services, ensuring you get the treatment you need to help get or retain your healthy smile.


General Dentist 11758

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Dentist 11758

When you need dental care near Massapequa, you can get the treatment you need at Global Family Dental. Many services are provided at this dentist 11758, and they can give you a great smile, and take care of any dental problems.

Get Quality Care Dental Care

More than one dentist is in the office, which enables them to provide you with a wide range of services. The office is located in Long Island and serves a wide range of areas, including Massapequa.

Services Offered

At Global Family Dental, they know the value of having good looking teeth. Of course, you want yours to look and feel good too. The dentists there can perform extractions, root canals, give you complete or partial dentures, implants, treatment for TMJ, fillings, and preventive dental care.

Cosmetic dental care is also offered. You can receive teeth whitening and veneers from these dentists. These treatments can do wonders for your smile and give you back your self-confidence when you are around people.

Cosmetic Dental Services

Several forms of cosmetic dentistry are provided at our dentist 11758. We offer teeth whitening, including the popular Philips Zoom White speed method. This makes them look fresh and bright, removing much of the dingy color that they have developed over the years. This method can make them up to eight shades brighter in just one visit.

If your teeth are discolored, uneven, chipped, or if they have spaces between them, these problems can often be remedied using dental veneers. These thin layers of ceramic are placed over the front surface of your teeth, giving you the beautiful smile you always wanted. Some types of veneers, such as composite resin, can be completed in just one office visit.

Dental crowns are also a part of our services. A crown restores a tooth to its natural size, shape and color, but crowns can be made of various metals, porcelain, or a combination of materials. They are typically needed after a root canal or an implant.

Dental Implants Dentist

One of the best ways to keep your smile healthy and looking good is to get dental implants. An implant can be used to replace one tooth, several teeth, or even all of them. Once the process is complete, the replaced tooth will look and feel just like your natural ones.

Our Experience

Some of our dentists have been practicing for a long time. One of them has been meeting the needs of his dental patients for over 20 years. Some of his patients have stayed with him for over 15 years and are still his patients! Another one of our dentists speaks at teaching colleges for dentists and has performed research, as well as receiving awards.

The dentists at Global Family Dental are ready to help you and your family with your dental needs.  Our staff can also speak Spanish. Call our dentist 11758 today to learn more or set up an appointment. If you live in Massapequa, call us at (631) 977-7171.


Dentist 11758

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Dental Office Massapequa

Keeping your teeth healthy and looking good means you need the added care that a dentist can give you. When you live in the Sunshine State, you can find a dental office Massapequa that can help you retain your beautiful smile.

Get the Treatment You Need

Many services are available at the Global Family Dental office, which mean that you can go there for your own needs, as well as those of your family. There are five dentists working at the offices, enabling them to provide a wide range of services to the public.

Services Offered

Many services are offered to help you gain or retain that beautiful smile you want. Our team of dentists provides services that include fillings, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, root canals, dentures, extractions, braces, veneers, implants, and TMJ treatment. We also provide preventive dentistry to ensure your teeth and mouth stay healthy.

Cosmetic Dentistry

When you want teeth that look great, we offer several options that can make your teeth look beautiful. Our teeth cleaning and whitening services are sure to brighten your teeth. We provide several options to help remove stains, dinginess, and yellowing due to aging. We also have the Philips Zoom method, which is very popular among patients, and can whiten your teeth about eight shades in just one visit.

At our dental office Massapequa, we also can help make your teeth beautiful with veneers. These thin layers of porcelain or composite resin can cover up many problems, including misaligned, discolored, chipped, and even gaps between your teeth. Composite resin veneers can usually be applied in one session, but porcelain veneers must be made in a lab, requiring two or more visits.

Crowns and implants can be added to restore the beauty to your teeth, and are made to match the color of your existing teeth. Implants can be used to replace one tooth, a few teeth, or even all of them.

Family Oriented

Our services are for the entire family. We have a specialized kids dentist, general dentists, and more. We welcome patients of all ages and want to help each one keep your teeth beautiful and for as long as possible.

Our Dentists

We are glad to announce that we have some of the best dentists in our practice. One of our dentists has been helping patients get beautiful teeth for over 40 years, and others have not only been the best in their graduating class, but they also have taught in the dental schools. One of them has received awards for research in the field of dentistry. Each of them seeks to provide caring and gentle dentistry to give you the best service possible.

Two Offices to Help You

The Global Family Dental dentists have two offices to help you. You can obtain their services either in the Long Island area, or in the Farmingdale area. Both offices service people from the surrounding communities, too.

At Global Family Dental, you can find a friendly dentist at our dental office Massapequa. We invite you to call us today 631.977.7171 to set up your appointment.


Dental Office Massapequa

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Massapequa Implants Dentist

If you live in Long Island, you want to find a good dentist close by. This enables you to make it easier to make and keep dental appointments for you and your family. A quality Massapequa implants dentist, such as those at Global Family Dental, can enable you are your family members to get and keep a beautiful smile for years to come.

Many Services Available

Massapequa implants dentist provides a wide-range of dental services, enabling you to get the care you need. Services range from general teeth cleaning to putting in dental implants, and everything else in between. Here are some of the services Global Family Dental provides.

Preventive Dental

One of the most important features of good dentistry is preventive dental care. This helps you and your family to take care of existing problems, and also shows each family member how to help take care of their teeth to ensure longevity and fewer cavities.

Cosmetic Dentistry 

Teeth can become damaged or discolored over time, and cosmetic dentistry provides several solutions to restore your smile. There are many options in cosmetic dentistry, allowing you to get an option you like and can afford. Options include fillings, crowns, bridgework, veneers, implants, and orthodontics.

Invisible Retainers

If your teeth are misaligned, you basically have two options to correct the problem. You can either go with braces, which is the traditional method, or you can get invisible retainers that do the same thing. Although these retainers do the same thing as braces, they provide you with the advantage of being unseen by those around you, and they are removable. This enables you to eat anything you want, and lets you clean your teeth easily.


Correcting the appearance of your teeth can be done by adding veneers to your teeth. These very thin materials are added to the surface of your teeth, and can hide problems such as chipped teeth, gaps between teeth, discolored teeth, and even misaligned teeth. They can also be made to match the color of your teeth so that they give you a natural-looking smile. This usually will take two trips to the office because the veneers must be made in a lab.

Dental Implants

A dentist can also give you dental implants. Implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, and allowed to heal. Once the healing has taken place, a crown is added to complete the work. The crown is made in a lab and can be made out of porcelain, metal, or both.

A dentist at Global Family Dental can also help you with most any other dental need, too. This includes dental surgery, periodontal therapy, dentures, root canal treatment, bridgework, tooth-colored fillings, and more. We can also help you with oral cancer, sleep apnea, and TMJ disorders.

Contact Global Family Dental in Farmingdale Long Island today and find out how Massapequa implants dentist can help meet your dental needs. We are glad to answer any questions you may have and can get you and your family on the way to excellent dental health.


Massapequa Implants Dentist

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Root Canal Dentist 11758

Although your tooth has been hurting, you may have been wondering if it needs to be extracted. A root canal dentist 11758 may be able to save your tooth and enable you to keep for a long time to come.

What Is a Root Canal?

The inside of a tooth contains nerves. For some reason the inside of the tooth can become inflamed, and this can lead to a tooth that hurts. This can occur even if there is no external reason to believe that there is a problem. The pulp is a soft layer inside the tooth. It contains nerves and blood vessels, which are primarily needed as the tooth develops.

The tooth can survive without these nerves and blood vessels because it is able to draw its nourishment from the tissue that surrounds the tooth. In a root canal, the dentist will first drill down into the crown to get access to the pulp, and then will remove it. Because the nerve is also removed, no more pain will be felt.

Once that is completed, the inside of the tooth is sterilized, and then a rubbery substance called gutta-percha, with glue, is used to fill and seal the hole. Before it is put into the hole, it is heated first, and then compressed into the hole.

The Crown

Once the inside work is complete, a temporary cap is put in place. This will hold for a while. If the dentist does not think that the tooth is structurally strong enough to hold a crown in place, a metal pin will be pushed into a tooth canal to be able to secure it in place.

The Sealing

Once the initial steps of a root canal are completed and a temporary cap is in place, the root canal dentist 11758 will prescribe an antibiotic. The main reason for this is to prevent bacteria from reentering the tooth. Bacteria in the mouth may be able to re-infect the area around the tooth, which would make it necessary to repeat the process.

Verifying the Work

A tooth contains many tiny branches or channels in it. This makes it possible that the work may not be done perfectly. It is difficult to ensure that the sealing has been completely successful. In order to check, or verify their work, a root canal dentist 11758 may use an x-ray or other modern device to double-check their work.

Root Canals Save Teeth

Instead of having to either have an extraction, or a bridge, or other dental solution, a root canal enables your tooth to be saved. Once the work is completed, you should not feel pain in it, and you will be happy for the relief. Not only that, but you may be happy to know that your repaired tooth could last a lifetime.

Root canals are not as complex as some people think, nor is there really any reason to fear them. A root canal dentist 11758 performs them all the time and many people have had them done on their teeth. This has saved many people’s teeth and appearance.


Root Canal Dentist 11758

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Sleep Apnea Dental Clinic Massapequa

Many people may be surprised to discover that a dentist’s office can help treat sleep apnea. While it is common to look at it as a breathing problem, treatment can be provided at a sleep apnea dental clinic Massapequa. The important thing to know is that you do not want to let sleep apnea go untreated. People with the disorder often are not aware of the problem.

Why Treatment Is Necessary

Sleep apnea is much more than a snoring problem. This is the most common symptom but it does not always mean that you have the disorder. There will also be periods when breathing stops and then starts again, often with choking or gasping. These periods may last from a few seconds to over a minute or longer.

Because the breathing stops for various lengths of time, it lowers the amount of oxygen in the blood. As it gets lower, the brain wakens the individual when it realizes that carbon dioxide levels are increasing. The lower levels of oxygen mean that cells are dying in your various organs, including your heart, brain, and other organs. Eventually, it can kill you.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

There are many symptoms besides snoring and stopping breathing. You will also have daytime fatigue and will have trouble staying awake – even while driving. A dry throat is common because of the loud snoring, and you may have morning headaches, increased forgetfulness and less ability to focus. There will also be mood changes and a decreased desire for sex.

The Sleep Apnea Test

In order to receive treatment for sleep apnea, it is necessary to have a sleep test. After you have taken it, the sleep doctor will be able to identify the type of sleep apnea you have (there are three types) and the severity. The treatment you need will be based on these factors.

Dental Solutions

A sleep apnea dental clinic Massapequa can help people with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in several ways. They can provide:

  • An Oral Device – The dentist can give you a custom-made oral appliance to help prevent your breathing from stopping. There are a few types of devices but they all will help keep your airway open while you sleep. Many people prefer it to a CPAP machine because it is noiseless, does not require electricity, and will stay in place better.
  • A Mouth Guard – Many people with sleep apnea grind their teeth during the night. This can damage your teeth, causing them to become chipped or cracked, and it can destroy any dental work you have already had.
  • Lifestyle Changes – The dentist can also help you make various lifestyle changes. Many times these changes alone can enable you to eliminate sleep apnea.

When you need help with sleep apnea, the sleep apnea dental clinic Massapequa, Global Family Dental can help you. We have offices in Long Island, and our friendly dentists are ready to help you find the solutions you need. Contact our offices today and let us tell you how we can help, or to set up a consultation.


Sleep Apnea Dental Clinic Massapequa

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