Damaged or decayed teeth do not need to ruin your smile. In fact, you do not even need to hurt your smile with obvious fillings because new technology can eliminate this problem. A crowns dentist Massapequa can restore the natural look and color of your teeth, letting you smile with confidence once again.

The Use of Dental Crowns

A crown is usually added when the root of the tooth is still good, but when there is not enough tooth left for a filling to hold well. A crown, or the top, visible part of the tooth is added because it will make the tooth stronger and give it more usefulness. Without a crown, the remaining portion of the tooth would need to be extracted.

Crowns are usually made of one or more materials, typically metal, porcelain, or a combination of them. Porcelain crowns have become highly developed in recent years and now provide a good option to a metal or combination material crown.

Advantages of Porcelain

Although not quite as strong as a metal or combination crown, they are quite strong. The reason many people prefer the porcelain crown is its appearance. It offers a slightly translucent appearance, which enables it to more closely resemble the appearance of real teeth.

Some crowns have a metal base on them, which is visible when you smile. A porcelain tooth eliminates the metal base, letting you smile boldly and freely, and your teeth are completely natural looking.

Creating the Crown

A crown made of porcelain cannot be created in your mouth. To ensure it fits well, and will function properly along with your other teeth, a ceramic tooth is created in a lab. An impression of your mouth and teeth will be made and also sent to the lab. In the meantime, you will be given a temporary crown until the new crown is ready.

Preparation for a Crown

In some cases, a crown is added because the top part of the tooth has been damaged, or lost. The damage may be in the form of a crack or chip, or it may simply have broken off. A crowns dentist Massapequa must ensure that the remaining tooth is clean and sanitized prior to adding a crown to it. Depending on the extent and type of damage, a root canal may be necessary first. This will help prevent any bacteria from accumulating within the tooth later on.

Better Dental Crowns

One of the latest technologies in crown development is called Procera®. These ceramic crowns are made to look beautiful and to restore your tooth to its full level of functionality. It also provides dentists with the ability to perfectly match the color of your other teeth.

Another advantage is that the ceramic material used enables your gums to grow around them. This adds further stability to the tooth and lets your gums grow to be symmetrical with your gum line on nearby teeth.

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