If you should experience a dental emergency, you want to know that your teeth can be fixed and that the repairs will last a long time. This requires a qualified emergency dentist 11758 that is close by and able to perform the necessary work.

Dental emergencies can be caused by a number of problems, including injuries sustained while playing sports, falling, or from a car accident. Other problems may include a broken or cracked tooth from something as simple as chewing hard foods.

Emergency visits to the dentist’s office may also mean other very serious problems. It can include a broken jaw, a fractured face, an injured neck, and problems with the mouth and teeth. An emergency dentist 11758 is trained to handle these types of problems.

Steps You Can Take in an Emergency

Taking a couple of steps prior to seeing an emergency dentist can help you preserve your teeth, as well as reduce pain. Here are some situations you may experience and what to do about it until you can visit your dentist.

Emergency Care for a Broken Jaw

If any teeth are loose, be sure to remove them and try to preserve them by placing them into milk or salt water. Do not touch the roots of the teeth. Put ice on it right away to keep the swelling down, and to help reduce the pain. Get to a dentist immediately. Surgery may be needed, along with wires to hold the jaw in place while it heals.

What to Do About a Knocked-out Tooth

When you lose a tooth or have it knocked out, it is important to find a dentist quickly because it could mean the difference between being able to save or lose the tooth. If a permanent (adult) tooth is knocked out, it should be placed back into the gums within five minutes, if possible. Care should be taken to handle it only by the crown, and if it needs cleaning, it should only be rinsed under tap water, never scrubbed. It can also be put into whole milk, if done quickly.

Once in the dentist’s office, the dentist can examine it and determine if the tooth is salvageable. In some cases, the tooth, or teeth, may need to be replaced. Several options may be available.

Handling a Broken Tooth

When a piece of a tooth breaks off, or pieces from it, it is necessary to try and preserve it. You can do this by putting it into a moist napkin or cloth. You will need to get to the dentist’s office soon, because they may be able to reattach it using a cohesive that matches the color of the tooth.

In some cases, an emergency dentist 11758 is available 24/7. Dental problems can often cause a lot of pain and getting relief quickly is possible. It is not necessary to keep on living with a lot of pain. Dentists can often present several options and can often provide rather quick relief of the pain in an emergency.


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