Farmingdale Top Kids Dentist

Children need specialized care when going to a dentist. They are naturally afraid of dentists and their tools until they become accustomed to a friendly face and good treatment. Since they are often in need of quality dental care, it is important that a dentist specializing in Pediatric Dentistrytreat them.

The Training

Dentists who specialize in pediatric dentistry receive special training to help them to know how to help children. They study the needs of children’s’ teeth, their behavior, development, and the special dental needs that children may have. This includes learning how to get children to relax.

The children’s dentists are friendly and love children of all ages – and the children know it. The dentists are also patient with the young ones and are helpful when working with parents, too. A pediatric dentist can also help special needs children.

The Office

Patient rooms for children are specially decorated to help them relax and feel at home. It is a kid-friendly environment and appealing to their interests. The dentists seek to help the patients to have a fun time and also to meet their dental needs.

Preventive Care

Much of the focus in children’s dentistry is to help ensure that the adult teeth will grow in properly. This means taking care of the baby teeth to ensure proper spacing as the other teeth start coming in.

Childhood years are often the years when they will have the most cavities. Cavities and other dental problems can often be reduced with fluoride treatments and sealants. These coatings can be given at any time, but the sealants are recommended after the molars come in at about six and eleven years old.

The First Visit

Getting children used to going to the dentist’s office is important. A child should make their first dental visit right after they turn one year old. This will help to familiarize them with the dentist and the office, as well as give the dentist the opportunity to ensure that the child’s teeth have room to grow in without any problems.

Caring for Children’s Teeth

The dentist can also provide you and your child with tips on how to care for his or her teeth. Brushing and flossing are a necessary part of daily care. Treating cavities as early as possible will help to reduce costs and will also help future teeth to come in straight. Baby teeth that are kept healthy will also impact a child’s ability to chew and talk, as well as giving them a healthy self-respect.

Children are also taught that certain foods are going to hurt their teeth – such as foods high in sugar. Parents need to limit their child’s daily sugar intake to protect their children’s teeth and help them keep that beautiful smile.

The dentists at Global Family Dental provide specialized pediatric dentistryfor children of all ages, as well as dental services for all of your family members. The dentists are friendly and want to help you enjoy healthy and beautiful teeth for as long as possible.