Farmingdale Periodontal Therapy Dentist

Once it has been determined by a dentist that you have periodontal disease, it is necessary for periodontal therapy to be given to remove the disease. While periodontal disease is the main cause for tooth loss today, it can be completely removed – and the sooner the better. Treatment will be given by a periodontist – a dentist with extra training who specializes in this type of treatment.

Why Periodontitis Needs to Be Removed

Periodontitis is the bad form of gum disease. There are four stages of this disease, and it continually gets worse if allowed to go untreated. In some people, it will progress rapidly.

Once the disease starts, it becomes an autoimmune disease that attacks the gums, the ligaments that support your teeth, and even your jaw bone. Removing the disease involves eradicating the bacteria from the gums and repairing the damage.

Removing the Bacteria

When tartar is allowed to build up on the teeth though negligent oral care, the bacteria that cause periodontitis fills the tartar and gets into the gums. Since a toothbrush cannot remove tartar or the bacteria in it, the dentist will need to clean the teeth and remove the tartar.

Periodontal disease also causes pockets to develop on the gums. This is caused by the gums actually pulling away from the teeth. These pockets become filled with bacteria and are producing acid. As the gums pull away, it enables more bacteria to enter the pockets and colonies form.

Scaling and Root Planing

The periodontist will most likely start periodontal therapy with a procedure called scaling and root planing. This procedure will likely be used with other treatments as well. It is a non-surgical procedure that involves opening the pockets and physically scraping and removing the bacteria and inflammation from them.

The root planing involves smoothing the rough edges on the teeth to help prevent the bacteria from getting an easy foothold and starting a new colony. The pockets may then be stitched close to the teeth to keep bacteria out. Fiber-optics with laser light may also be used to destroy the bacteria in the pockets.

Repairing Gums, Teeth, and Bone

In order to repair the damage from periodontitis, bone and gum grafts may be necessary, depending on the severity of the damage. When teeth have been lost, the grafting procedure is usually necessary for dental implants to be installed.

Preventing Periodontitis

The best way to avoid needing this type of treatment is to take care of your teeth and gums – which is much less expensive. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing can help your teeth and gums remain healthy for many years. Making regular dental appointments will also help the dentist to catch problems early.

The dentists at Global Family Dental can provide you with periodontal therapy services. The sooner you make an appointment the less damage there will be. Call us today about any questions you have or to set up an appointment.