Missing Teeth Dentist East Farmingdale

When you have a missing tooth or teeth, one of the options you have to replace them is to get removable bridges. A bridge that is removable will look like your natural teeth and it will repair your smile. The difference is that it can be taken out of your mouth when you want and easily put back in place.

The Construction

A bridge that is removable has the replacement teeth placed on a metal framework. If more than one tooth is missing, it may be built onto a pink plastic base to approximately match the color of your gums.

There are different bridge products available that offer a variety of materials used in the construction of the bridge. The different materials will help to determine how long the removable bridgeslast and how comfortable it is when worn. Different dentists may offer varied products.

The Attachments

Bridges that are removable will attach in different ways, making some more comfortable than others. Frames may be made of wire, cast metal, or even of plastic.

The different attachments mean that your partial is supported either by your gums or by your remaining teeth. The ones that are supported by your teeth are the strongest and most stable. Other ones may rest on your gums, possibly making them sore.

Some partials can be made and delivered on the same day as the extraction is made. This is because it can be made prior to the extraction and delivered at that time.


Once the bridge has been made and fitted, you will wear it for a little while without removing it. During this time, the dentist will want to ensure that it fits properly and is not going to wear sore spots on your gums. After wearing it for a little while, you will return to the dentist’s office for it to be checked. If the dentist sees some sore spots, the frame will be adjusted some and then you will wear it some more. This process may be repeated a couple of times until it is a good fit and comfortable.

Caring for the Bridge

Once it fits properly, you will be able to take it out and put it in when you want – although it is apt to require some practice. Every day, you will need to remove it and clean it with a soft toothbrush, and then rinse it with cool water. Hot water may warp it. You do not want to leave it in water overnight because it may rust.

The Life Expectancy

How long a bridge will last depends largely on the patient. In general, they can be expected to last between five to eight years but may last longer. Factors include where the bridge is located, how wide it is, and how the patient treats it.

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