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Anyone can develop cavities. They are not always a sign of poor dental care. Getting those teeth repaired quickly will help to prevent further damage and costlier repairs. A dental fillings dentist Nassau County Long Island can repair cavities and many other dental problems. A filling enables a tooth to be restored and give it a much longer life.

Why Fillings Are Necessary

When a tooth has a cavity in it, the tooth is not capable of healing itself. A cavity is a part of the tooth that has decayed. It will continue to expand and will eventually destroy tooth. Once the decay becomes deep enough, it can cause an abscess – which is a potentially life-threatening situation. In order to save a deeply decayed tooth, a root canal may be necessary, or it may need to be extracted.

Types of Fillings

Dental fillings are available in many different types, depending on the individual’s preference. Gold is the most expensive, and it is sure to impress if that is your goal. Mercury amalgam is probably the least expensive and it is still popular. It is silver-colored.

Another popular option today is tooth colored fillings. White fillings that are close to the color of your teeth will enable you to hide it and make your teeth look more natural. These fillings are a composite material that will actually strengthen the tooth, whereas metal-based fillings do not. Some dentists are able to remove metal-colored fillings and replace them with white fillings. Ceramic (porcelain) fillings are another option. They are called inlays or onlays and need to be made in a lab. In terms of cost, it will be similar to that of a gold filling.

Mercury Amalgam Fillings

For a while, there was a scare about the mercury in mercury amalgam fillings. There is no doubt that mercury by itself is poisonous. However, the FDA reports that it is safe in the form of amalgams. Because of its low cost, mercury amalgam fillings are still very popular. If you are concerned about it, opt to get a different kind.


The metal-based fillings are the most durable and will last the longest. Mercury amalgam fillings are also very durable, but not as much as the gold or platinum alloy fillings. The composite fillings, which are basically resin and plastic, will not last as long. Composite material is generally not used where a lot of biting force will be exerted, or where a large filling is needed.

Severely Damaged Teeth

In cases where a tooth has a large cavity, a filling may not be sufficient. The dental fillings dentist Nassau County Long Island may recommend other options such as getting a crown for it, which may also require a root canal, or possibly even extracting the tooth in more extreme cases. If extraction is required, a dental implant is the best option for tooth replacement.

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Dental Fillings Dentist Nassau County Long Island

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