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When a tooth goes bad and becomes decayed, it is often repaired with a filling. If the decay is more serious, the tooth is going to need a new crown, which refers to the visible part of the tooth. A dental crowns dentist Copiague Long Island can place a new crown on the tooth to restore its usefulness and appearance.

About Crowns

Dental crowns come in several styles and colors, enabling you to have a choice and to fit your budget. As far as appearance goes, a porcelain crown is best. They look the most natural. These crowns come with a metal base or without them, and there are different types.

Other crowns may be made of different metals such as gold alloy, platinum alloy, and other base metals. They are the strongest type, but you are likely to want to use it on a back tooth, where it will not be easily seen. A crown made of composite resin is a low-cost way to get a crown, but it cannot be used where it will receive a lot of pressure. They will have to be replaced more often.

When Crowns Are Needed

There are several times when a dental crowns dentist Copiague Long Island may want to use a crown to repair your teeth. One of these occasions is when you need a large filling but there is not enough tooth left to support it. Since fillings do not strengthen a tooth, this is the perfect way to strengthen it and get more life out of it. A new crown may also be used to hide a badly discolored tooth or one that is misshapen.

A dental crown may also be used as a bridge – one on each side to hold a false tooth. In this case, natural teeth on both sides of a bridge are prepared for crowns, and then the false tooth is cemented to the new crowns and installed as one piece. A crown will also be used to cover the top of a dental implant.

Milled Crowns

Some dentist offices are able to make crowns right in their office. They have a special milling machine that will make the crown after the dentist makes a scan of your teeth. It is computer-controlled, and the machine can complete the new crown in about 15 minutes. This enables you to get a crown in one appointment instead of having to return after a lab completes it.

Milled crowns are made of zirconium, which has a solid color, but it will have shades that can match your teeth. Zirconium crowns are highly durable.

Replacing crowns

On occasion, a crown will need replacing. It may break or crack and a new one will need to be made. The dentist will simply follow the same procedure as when it was first installed.

When your teeth need repairing, the dental crowns dentist Copiague Long Island at Global Family Dental can give you the crowns of your choice. We can help you with any type of crown you want to restore your smile. For more information about dental crowns or to set up an appointment, call us today.


Dental Crowns Dentist Copiague Long Island

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