Dental Crowns Specialist Hempstead Long Island

Getting your damaged teeth looking good may require getting some new dental crowns. This process will give you a brand new smile that you will be glad to show off. A dental crowns specialist Hempstead Long Island can provide you with various types of crowns and also any other dental work you need.

What Crowns Are For

When the visible part of your tooth develops a cavity, the dentist will usually install a filling. If the damage is too severe, a crown will be added to replace the visible portion of the tooth. This will enable the tooth to be saved and restored to good shape and appearance again.

Crowns can also be used to hold a dental bridge or to restore a broken tooth or one that has been severely worn down or cracked. They are also used on top of a dental implant, and often after a root canal.

Types of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are available in different types of materials. Each type has its pros and cons, and it will also depend on how much want to pay for it. The dental crowns specialist Hempstead Long Island will help you select which type is best.

The strongest type of crowns is made of various metals. This includes gold alloys and other various base metals. Because of their strength, it requires the least amount of tooth to be removed.

Another type is made of ceramic (porcelain), which is the most natural-looking crown. They are strong but may chip. A stronger version of the ceramic crown is one with a pressed ceramic core.

Another type of crown which is stronger than the all-ceramic type is the porcelain-fused to metal. This is a ceramic crown with a metal base, making it stronger than the all-ceramic crowns.

The least expensive type of crown is one made of composite material. These are not as durable as other materials.

Making Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are usually made in a lab. This means that you will usually have to return to the dentist’s office in about a week for it to be cemented in place. Some dental offices now have a special milling machine in their office that will make a crown and it will be applied before you leave. These crowns are made of zirconium – which is white – and they are very durable.

Durability of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns will vary in their lifespan, depending on what material it is made of. They will normally last between five and fifteen years, but with the right amount of care, some of them could last a lifetime.

Care of Crowns

Although some of the materials in dental crowns are strong, you will still need to be aware that there are some limits. If you clench your teeth a lot, or grind them in your sleep, or chew on your nails or on ice, this could damage them quickly.

The Global Family Dental office in Farmingdale, NY has a dental crowns specialist Hempstead Long Island who can help you get the crowns you need for a beautiful smile. Our friendly dentists can meet all the dental needs of your entire family.


Dental Crowns Specialist Hempstead Long Island

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