Emergency Dentist Near Farmingdale

Dental emergencies can happen at any time. Knowing what to do and where to go when you have this type of emergency can make the difference between saving a tooth or losing it. Having an emergency dentist near Farmingdale in mind can enable you to get quick treatment.

Quick Action Needed

When the accident occurs that caused the dental emergency, it is important that you take quick action. This also can make the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

A Knocked-out Tooth

When a tooth has been completely knocked out, you want to locate it and pick it up by the crown and not by the roots. If it has some dirt on it, gently rinse it off with water but do not wipe it off. If possible, try to gently place it back in the socket but do not force it.

If it will not go back in the socket, the person may be able to hold it in their mouth between their cheek and gums. If this is not possible, or if there is a risk of a child swallowing the tooth, place it in a cup with the person’s saliva or in milk.

When a dental emergency takes place and a tooth has been knocked out you need to get to the dentist’s office right away. Most often, it is necessary to see a dentist within an hour. After that much time has lapsed, the tooth may not be savable.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

If you have teeth that have been chipped, cracked or broken, you want to try and save any pieces. Place them in milk, or water, and get to a dentist quickly – within an hour if possible. The dentist will decide if the tooth is savable when you get to the office. For chipped teeth, if the chips cannot be replaced, bonding material may be added to restore the appearance of the tooth.

Broken Jaw

When there is a fracture of the jaw, it can cause breathing problems. The bite will often be off, and there may be bleeding. Apply cold compresses to the face to reduce swelling. Get to the emergency dentist near Farmingdale as soon as possible.

Severe Toothache

A severe toothache may be caused by a couple of problems. It could be caused by a cavity or by a serious infection in the tooth. In either case, you need to see a dentist. Using dental floss around the tooth to remove food particles may bring some relief. The cavity is not going to go away and dental treatment is needed. Make an appointment with your dentist.

If it is caused by an infection, which is often revealed by inflamed gums around the tooth and severe pain, you need to see a dentist right away. It is an emergency. The inflammation will continue to spread and if it reaches the brain it could be fatal. A root canal may be needed to save the tooth.

The friendly dentists at Global Family Dental are ready to provide you with emergency dental care when needed. As the emergency dentist near Farmingdale, the dentists are trained in providing emergency care. The office is located in Farmingdale, NY, and accepts most dental insurance plans.


Emergency Dentist Near Farmingdale

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Urgent Care Dentist Farmingdale

Emergencies are usually unexpected. When a sudden dental emergency occurs, you want to be able to know where to go for fast treatment. You also want to be sure that the dentist is able to restore the tooth or jaw – if possible. You can find an urgent care dentist Farmingdale at Global Family Dental in Farmingdale, NY.

Ready to Help

The dentists at Global Family Dental are able to help you get the urgent care you need. They know what needs to be done to be able to save the tooth or teeth (when possible) and to restore your smile. In some cases, a tooth may be badly damaged and cannot be saved.

When you need an urgent care dentist Farmingdale, our dentists are equipped and will seek to save a tooth when possible. They will evaluate the condition of the jaw, possible damage to neighboring teeth, and other factors.

Tips for Dental Emergencies

  • Knocked-out Tooth– When a tooth is knocked out, try to pick it up without touching the roots. If dirty, rinse gently in water. If possible, try to replace it in its socket but do not force it. Keep the tooth moist by placing it in milk, or hold it between the gums and cheek. It is important to try and get to a dentist right away.
  • Child’s Knocked Out Tooth– If the tooth is a baby tooth, do not try and replant it. Let the dentist decide. Sometimes replanting it can damage the tooth underneath. Follow the general steps above.
  • Cracked Tooth– When a tooth is cracked, you need to rinse your mouth out with warm water. This will help clean the area of bacteria and food particles to help prevent infection. Place a cold compress on the cheek to reduce possible swelling.
  • Broken Jaw– Place cold compresses to help control swelling. See a dentist or doctor immediately.
  • Toothache– Rinse out your mouth with warm water. Use dental floss to try and remove any food particles that may be caught between your teeth. If that does not help, see a dentist soon.

Replace Missing Teeth

If an accident of some kind knocks out teeth, the dentists at Global Family Dental are able to restore them. We can provide you with dental implants, which are the newest and best way to replace teeth that have been lost. They provide you with a permanent solution and they look like your natural teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

In some cases, you may need cosmetic dentistry to restore your teeth to look good. We are able to provide many options in the way of cosmetic dentistry to repair and make your teeth look good.

Our dentists can restore your smile with several options in cosmetic dentistry. The options include:

  • Crowns and bridgework
  • Dental veneers
  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Dental implants
  • Invisalign

The Global Family Dental office has an urgent care dentist Farmingdale who can help you when you have a dental emergency. Because we have multiple staff, we can see you quickly and evaluate your condition and then treat it as necessary. We accept most dental insurance plans and will be glad to help you.


Urgent Care Dentist Farmingdale

1037 Fulton Street
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Farmingdale Dental Office

When you or your family needs to find a dentist near you, you will want to find one that can provide the services you need. Families can have a variety of dental needs, and when a Farmingdale dental office can provide most or even all of them that is even better.

Our Services

The dentists at Global Family Dental provide a wide range of services so that you and your family can enjoy the best dental health. In addition to regular dental checkups and cleanings, we also provide teeth whitening, root canals, fillings, crowns, and a variety of cosmetic dentistry applications. If you need treatment for gum health, we also provide periodontal treatment as needed.

Oral Cancer Screening

A concern that many people have today is getting screened for oral cancer. Although it is rather rare, the number of people getting it is increasing. An oral cancer scan usually takes about a minute and it is conducted quickly during a dental cleaning.

A Children’s Dentist

Children have special needs when it comes to dentistry. Our pediatric dentist loves children and knows how to work with them. Our dentist knows about baby teeth and the special dental needs of children. Fluoride treatments and sealants can be applied to help your children’s teeth have better dental health.

Dental Insurance

There are many dental plans around and we want you to know that our Farmingdale dental office accepts most dental insurance plans. Of course, you may want to call in advance to ensure that your plan is going to be accepted so that you can get the dental care you need.

Cosmetic Dentistry

When you want specialized care for your teeth that will make them look great, our dentists know how to do it. We provide all the services you need to get great teeth, including:

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are a dingy yellow, we know how to get them white again. Our special chemicals can make them shine much more than what you will get from a store-bought kit. You will notice quite a difference in just one sitting.

Tooth Replacement

If you are missing teeth and would like a complete smile, we have several ways to give you new teeth. We offer crowns, bridges, dentures, and dental implants.


When you have problems with your teeth and want them to look really good, dental veneers can do it for you. These caps for your teeth can hide many problems, such as chipped teeth, cracked teeth, gaps between teeth, discolored teeth, and short teeth.

A less expensive alternative to veneers is cosmetic bonding. This compound is applied to your teeth a layer at a time and then shaped to give you the finish you want. Once the desired look is achieved, it is hardened. This method can give you a new look in just one session with the dentist.


When you want to get your teeth – or a teen’s teeth – straight, the Invisalign method is what you want. This system of aligners is an excellent way to get your teeth straight – invisibly.

The Farmingdale dental office of Global Family Dental can help you and your family members with their dental needs. Our friendly dentists are professionals who want to help your family enjoy the best dental health possible.


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