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Most people are going to need to have one or more wisdom teeth extracted in their lifetime. They often cause problems because most people do not have sufficient room in their jaws to let them come in without problems. A wisdom tooth dentist Bethpage Long Island specializes in this type of extraction and they can help you.

About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth will usually come in between the ages of 17 and 21. They are also referred to as third molars. While they often cause no problems for some people, many others will need to have some or all of them removed.

There are several problems that can develop with wisdom teeth. They can come in crooked at any angle. This includes growing completely sideways or at an angle steep enough that they damage the neighboring tooth.

It is also possible that they may be impacted, which means that they never erupt, or make an appearance above the gums. They could simply be under the gums, or they may be completely covered in bone.

Best Time to Have an Extraction

The roots of wisdom teeth continue to grow longer until you are around 35 years old. As they grow, they get closer to an important nerve in your jaw. The closeness to the nerve can make the surgery more difficult. It is best to have your wisdom teeth removed prior to age 27 – if the dentist believes that they could be a problem later.

Reasons for Extractions

When a wisdom tooth does not fully erupt, it can cause a number of problems. Besides the possibility of damaging a neighboring tooth, they can also trap food which can cause a cavity or even an abscessed tooth, and gum disease may develop. In the case of trapped food, your toothbrush and floss may not be able to adequately keep the tooth clean. Another possible problem is that a cyst may form near the tooth.

Types of Anesthesia

When a wisdom tooth is going to be extracted, there may be more than one type of anesthesia available. The wisdom tooth dentist Bethpage Long Island can provide anesthesia that ranges from local anesthesia to general anesthesia, and the type may depend on what kind of extraction it is – simple or surgical. It will also depend on whether or not more wisdom teeth are going to be removed. With some types of anesthesia, you will be very relaxed and are unlikely to remember very much afterward – even though you are conscious. Once the wisdom tooth has been removed, the dentist will prescribe some painkilling medications for you.

After Surgery Instructions

After you go home following the surgery, it is important that you follow the instructions given to you by the dentist. There is a risk of getting what is called a dry socket if you do not follow them, and this can lead to a painful condition. You will need to go back to the dentist for treatment for it.

The Global Family Dental office in Farmingdale, NY has a very experienced wisdom tooth dentist Bethpage Long Island. We have several dentists in our office that enables us to perform a wide range of dental services for the whole family. Contact us today for more information about wisdom teeth extractions or any other dental need.


Wisdom Tooth Dentist Bethpage Long Island

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