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When you need dental care near Massapequa, you can get the treatment you need at Global Family Dental. Many services are provided at this dentist 11758, and they can give you a great smile, and take care of any dental problems.

Get Quality Care Dental Care

More than one dentist is in the office, which enables them to provide you with a wide range of services. The office is located in Long Island and serves a wide range of areas, including Massapequa.

Services Offered

At Global Family Dental, they know the value of having good looking teeth. Of course, you want yours to look and feel good too. The dentists there can perform extractions, root canals, give you complete or partial dentures, implants, treatment for TMJ, fillings, and preventive dental care.

Cosmetic dental care is also offered. You can receive teeth whitening and veneers from these dentists. These treatments can do wonders for your smile and give you back your self-confidence when you are around people.

Cosmetic Dental Services

Several forms of cosmetic dentistry are provided at our dentist 11758. We offer teeth whitening, including the popular Philips Zoom White speed method. This makes them look fresh and bright, removing much of the dingy color that they have developed over the years. This method can make them up to eight shades brighter in just one visit.

If your teeth are discolored, uneven, chipped, or if they have spaces between them, these problems can often be remedied using dental veneers. These thin layers of ceramic are placed over the front surface of your teeth, giving you the beautiful smile you always wanted. Some types of veneers, such as composite resin, can be completed in just one office visit.

Dental crowns are also a part of our services. A crown restores a tooth to its natural size, shape and color, but crowns can be made of various metals, porcelain, or a combination of materials. They are typically needed after a root canal or an implant.

Dental Implants Dentist

One of the best ways to keep your smile healthy and looking good is to get dental implants. An implant can be used to replace one tooth, several teeth, or even all of them. Once the process is complete, the replaced tooth will look and feel just like your natural ones.

Our Experience

Some of our dentists have been practicing for a long time. One of them has been meeting the needs of his dental patients for over 20 years. Some of his patients have stayed with him for over 15 years and are still his patients! Another one of our dentists speaks at teaching colleges for dentists and has performed research, as well as receiving awards.

The dentists at Global Family Dental are ready to help you and your family with your dental needs.  Our staff can also speak Spanish. Call our dentist 11758 today to learn more or set up an appointment. If you live in Massapequa, call us at (631) 977-7171.


Dentist 11758

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Emergency Dentist 11758

If you should experience a dental emergency, you want to know that your teeth can be fixed and that the repairs will last a long time. This requires a qualified emergency dentist 11758 that is close by and able to perform the necessary work.

Dental emergencies can be caused by a number of problems, including injuries sustained while playing sports, falling, or from a car accident. Other problems may include a broken or cracked tooth from something as simple as chewing hard foods.

Emergency visits to the dentist’s office may also mean other very serious problems. It can include a broken jaw, a fractured face, an injured neck, and problems with the mouth and teeth. An emergency dentist 11758 is trained to handle these types of problems.

Steps You Can Take in an Emergency

Taking a couple of steps prior to seeing an emergency dentist can help you preserve your teeth, as well as reduce pain. Here are some situations you may experience and what to do about it until you can visit your dentist.

Emergency Care for a Broken Jaw

If any teeth are loose, be sure to remove them and try to preserve them by placing them into milk or salt water. Do not touch the roots of the teeth. Put ice on it right away to keep the swelling down, and to help reduce the pain. Get to a dentist immediately. Surgery may be needed, along with wires to hold the jaw in place while it heals.

What to Do About a Knocked-out Tooth

When you lose a tooth or have it knocked out, it is important to find a dentist quickly because it could mean the difference between being able to save or lose the tooth. If a permanent (adult) tooth is knocked out, it should be placed back into the gums within five minutes, if possible. Care should be taken to handle it only by the crown, and if it needs cleaning, it should only be rinsed under tap water, never scrubbed. It can also be put into whole milk, if done quickly.

Once in the dentist’s office, the dentist can examine it and determine if the tooth is salvageable. In some cases, the tooth, or teeth, may need to be replaced. Several options may be available.

Handling a Broken Tooth

When a piece of a tooth breaks off, or pieces from it, it is necessary to try and preserve it. You can do this by putting it into a moist napkin or cloth. You will need to get to the dentist’s office soon, because they may be able to reattach it using a cohesive that matches the color of the tooth.

In some cases, an emergency dentist 11758 is available 24/7. Dental problems can often cause a lot of pain and getting relief quickly is possible. It is not necessary to keep on living with a lot of pain. Dentists can often present several options and can often provide rather quick relief of the pain in an emergency.


Emergency Dentist 11758

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Invisalign Dentist 11758

When you want to get straight teeth but don’t want other people to know, the Invisalign system can help you. Its nearly invisible aligners let you keep your secret and still get straight teeth in about the same amount of time. An Invisalign dentist 11758 can provide them for you.

The Invisalign System

When you get the Invisalign system, the dentist will provide you with a series of clear plastic aligners. The aligners will do the same thing as braces, slowly moving your teeth into place. You wear each aligner for about two weeks and then start using the next one.

Designed for Any Age

Whether you are getting the Invisalign aligners for your teen, or for yourself, they provide you with the ideal way to get straight teeth. They can be worn without anyone knowing you have them on. Adults love them because it provides them a way to get the straight teeth they always wanted to have but could not get earlier.

Removable Aligners

Unlike traditional braces, the aligners are completely removable. By removing them before you eat, this lets you eat what you want with your natural teeth. You do not need to avoid certain foods.

Cleaning your teeth is also not a problem. With braces, it takes considerably more effort to clean your teeth, and it is still possible that you may have some tooth decay. With Invisalign, you simply remove the aligners and clean your teeth normally by brushing and flossing.

Even though they are removable, you still need to wear them most hours of the day. The Invisalign dentist 11758 will recommend that you wear them for about 22 hours a day for best results.

Making the Aligners

The aligners will need to be made in a lab. A digital scan will be made of the position of your teeth. Once this has been completed, it is sent to the lab. A plan will be made as to how your teeth can be moved into the correct position, and then the aligners will be made to accomplish it. Each aligner is designed to fit your gum line so that they are as comfortable as possible.

The Duration

Depending on the severity of the misalignment of your teeth, you can expect to wear the aligners from a year to a year-and-a-half. When the treatment has been completed, you will have straight teeth that you will be glad to show off.


The Invisalign system is constantly being improved to be beneficial to more and more people. It can be used to correct many dental problems including an overbite, underbite, crossbite, crowded teeth, gap teeth, an open bite, and more. People with teeth that are badly misaligned will be recommended to get braces.

If you live in the Farmingdale, NY area, you can find a friendly Invisalign dentist 11758 at Global Family Dental. We provide this system of aligners for teens and adults and are sure that you will enjoy the results. Contact us today for a consultation or for more information.


Invisalign Dentist 11758

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