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One way to get a smile makeover is to get some crowns and bridges to repair or replace your damaged teeth. This can fix a lot of dental problems and enable you to enjoy your smile once again. A crowns & bridges dentist North Massapequa can help you regain your self-confidence letting you smile big and natural again.

About Crowns

A dental crown is the visible part of a tooth. If it becomes badly decayed, it may be too much for a filling because the tooth portion has become too weak to hold it. In that case, a new crown can be added, but there still needs to be some of the original tooth to attach the crown to.

Crowns are often used for several different purposes. This includes replacing the crowns of damaged teeth, to place on top of a dental implant, and more. They can also be placed to support a bridge.


When a crowns & bridges dentist North Massapequa needs a bridge to be made to replace a missing tooth, the teeth on both sides of the bridge are prepared for crowns. The false tooth (crown) is made and then cemented to the crowns on both sides. This supports the crown. Then, it is placed on the prepared teeth as a single piece. A bridge can support one or more false teeth.

Materials for Crowns

Crowns can be made of a number of different types of materials. The strongest ones are those made of metal, such as gold or platinum alloy, or of some other base metal. Unfortunately, they can easily be seen. The most natural-looking crowns are made of porcelain. Porcelain crowns also come in several types – pure porcelain, porcelain on metal, etc. Zirconium is another popular material because it is strong and white, but it is not translucent like porcelain. When necessary, a dental crown can be replaced using the same procedure that was used to put on the first one.

Dental Implants

Crowns are also placed on top of dental implants. Most dentists will send the details for the crown to be made in a lab. All porcelain crowns must be made in a lab. A few dentists have milling machines that can make the crowns in their office, but the machines cannot make porcelain crowns.

Some dentists will provide a crown on a dental implant on the same day it is installed. To do this, they have the milling machine in their office. If you want a crown on the same day, check to see if they have the machine. Most dentists will only provide a temporary one until the implant site has healed, which will be about three to four months later.

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