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Keep smiling with a root canal dentist!

Working in the tiny space inside a tooth, root canal dentists use the latest generation imaging equipment and steady hands and special certification. Trained to diagnose and treat broken, cracked, loose teeth and painful abscesses, a highly qualified root canal dentist in Hicksville is the best choice for saving your natural smile!

More than fifteen million root canal treatments are completed every year, according to the American Association of Endodontists. That’s an average of five patients a day for these smile savers – whose work is highlighted each year through Root Canal Awareness Week, running from May 7 – 13.

Is root canal treatment better than extraction?

If a tooth throbs and is even more painful under pressure, it’s time to see a root canal dentist. Backed by years of special training in saving damaged teeth, these experts also save you pain, time, and money, in the long run.

Extraction should be only your last resort! Although replacement with implants may seem an easier option, your own natural teeth are always better than even the most sophisticated technology.

What are infected root canal symptoms?

Spontaneous toothache often indicates an infected root canal or even an abscess, particularly with a throbbing sensation, Often a warning sign that root canal treatment may be needed, this pain is more severe than tooth sensitivity, which is often due to cracked dentine or tooth enamel worn too thin to offer protection against heat and cold.

Here are the main indicators of an infected root canal:

  • Tooth sensitivity that continues after the source of the heat or cold is removed (often hot or iced drinks);
  • Inflamed gums around sensitive teeth, painfully swollen and sometimes with a pimple-like bump.
  • Tooth pain that becomes more severe under the slightest pressure, like chewing even soft foods;

 Remember: these symptoms don’t go away, no matter how much you ignore them. Untreated infections simply get worse, and may even spread into the bone. The longer you avoid treatment, the harder (and more expensive) it is to save your tooth. So don’t delay – save yourself pain (and money!) by making an appointment today with a specialized root canal dentist in Hicksville.

Is a root canal painful?

With powerful anesthetics and modern equipment, root canal treatments are barely today more than uncomfortable. With their advanced skills and state-of-the-art tools, root canal dentists know how to reduce pain and keep you smiling for years to come.

By cleaning out decayed dental pulp and draining deep root infections, root canal dentist offer immediate relief from toothaches. They also treat other mouth diseases like gingivitis. Their overall aim is to preserve teeth – which means keeping the surrounding oral tissue and gums healthy as well.

What happens during a root canal treatment?

Removing decay from deep inside a single tooth, root canal treatments are complex procedures performed in sterile environments, with powerful local anesthetics and sophisticated equipment, precise enough to operate inside the tiny space of a single tooth that is already severely damaged and very fragile.

Here’s what a root canal dentist does:

  • Prepares for the procedure by checking x-rays, then numbs the entire tooth area with several injections of a local anesthetic;
  • Drills the problem tooth and reaches the pulp chamber and root canals;
  • Removes decayed tissue, nerves and blood vessels, cleaning the entire cavity;
  • If necessary, the tooth may be packed and left to drain for a few days;
  • Once the entire area is free from infection, the root canals are filled with a special sealant;
  • The access route is also sealed and the tooth is left to heal, often with painkillers and antibiotics;
  • Some weeks later, the tooth is fitted with a permanent crown, so it looks as good as new!

Will I need root canal after-care?

Yes, but no more than common sense precautions, just in case:

  • Eat only soft, bland foods for a few days after your root canal treatment;
  • Avoid hot, cold, spicy or crunchy foods and drinks;
  • Apply ice packs every half hour to reduce swelling during the first day or two;
  • Take antibiotics and painkillers as prescribed, particularly if a second decay removal session is needed;
  • Don’t bite down on the damaged tooth until the root canal treatment is complete.

Are root canal dentists like regular dentists?

Root canal specialists are indeed regular dentists, but with years of additional training in tooth pain management and root canal treatments.

Root canal specialists treat and remove decaying tissue, and inflamed nerves and blood vessels from inside the tooth, while preserving the hard outer enamel and dentine.

The Smile Savers Root Canal Dentists

Root canal dentist specialize in saving smiles. The mission of the best root canal dentists in Hicksville, is to keep their patients smiling for decades to come, by avoiding extractions and saving natural teeth through root canal treatments and other state-of-the-art dental procedures.

If you’re looking for expert advice on fixing problem teeth, call Global Family Dental who are the smile savers at (631) 977.7171 for an appointment.


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