Tooth Extraction Dentist South Farmingdale

When you have a toothache and suspect that you are going to need an extraction, you want the right dentist to do it. A tooth extraction dentist South Farmingdale has the education and experience you need for this task.

When an Extraction Is Necessary

A teeth extraction is usually used only as a last resort after it has been decided that a tooth cannot be saved. Other methods may have been considered, but the tooth is beyond rescue, or it may be considered more economical in the long run to choose replacement teeth. Unless it is a wisdom tooth, a method of tooth replacement should be considered.

There may also be some other reasons for an extraction. They will include allowing permanent teeth to have room, to make room for permanent teeth to move when getting braces, to enable scans to work better when needed to detect cancer, or to prevent infection after an organ transplant.

Tooth Replacement

If a non-wisdom tooth is being extracted, the dentist will discuss the procedure and various options with you. The main reason to replace a tooth right away is to help keep your teeth aligned and to prevent bone loss in your jaw.

Wisdom Teeth

When your wisdom teeth come in, the dentist will decide whether or not they may become a problem and interfere with other teeth. Because the tooth roots will grow close to the nerve as you get older, the best time to pull them out is before you reach your 25th birthday. They will reach the maximum length by the time you are 35.

More Complicated Extractions

In some cases, a wisdom tooth may not have appeared above the gums (erupted). When this happens, the tooth may be damaging neighboring teeth. It can still become decayed or infected, and it may be completely encased in bone – called an impacted tooth. This makes it a more complicated surgery for the dentist, and it will cost more to extract it. In this type of situation, the average dentist will often refer you to an oral surgeon.


The tooth extraction dentist South Farmingdale may offer several types of anesthesia for the surgery. The options or preferences will need to be discussed ahead of time. Options may include a local anesthetic or a stronger option such as sleep dentistry.

If you have anxiety about the extraction, or about going to dentist offices in general, let the dentist know and they will help you. Some anesthetics are designed to help you relax through the procedure – and you likely will not even remember it.

After Care Instructions

After the extraction, the dentist will provide you with a set of instructions that need to be carefully followed. In some cases, a dry socket may result if you do not follow them and this can be a painful condition.

You can find a tooth extraction dentist South Farmingdale at Global Family Dental in Farmingdale, NY. We have dentists who are trained in various dental specialties including extractions. We provide a wide variety of dental services for the whole family including cosmetic dentistry.


Tooth Extraction Dentist South Farmingdale

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