Teeth Whitening Dentist Long Island

When your teeth are looking yellow and dingy, it makes you look older. You can gain a more youthful look by going to the dentist for teeth whitening. It will not only help you regain a beautiful smile, but you will also gain more self-confidence.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

There are two main causes of teeth becoming yellow. The first reason is that they can become stained. The enamel on your teeth can become stained because certain chemicals called chromogens (pigments) can attach to it. Foods such as coffee, tea, and red wine are among the worst. Cigarette smoke will also quickly turn teeth yellow.

A second reason is that the enamel on your teeth becomes thinner. This occurs because of acid. The bacteria in your mouth create it every time it comes in contact with sugar. When you consume a lot of sugary foods or drinks through the day, there is more acid in your mouth. Some drinks, such as soda, coffee, and fruit juice, etc., have acid in them, too, which helps to erode the enamel on your teeth faster. Certain medications can also change the color of your teeth, as well as age.

Store-Bought Kits

There are many types of store-bought whitening kits for your teeth. Although they will whiten your teeth, you should not expect them to get your teeth more than one or two shades whiter. The process will likely take one or two weeks, too, and maybe longer.

Get Whiter Teeth Fast

If you want whiter teeth quickly for an upcoming date or event, the dentist can provide a really fast treatment. The dentist uses much stronger chemicals than you can buy at the store. They also closely supervise the process to ensure your safety.

Laser Teeth Whitening

For the fastest and best looking white teeth, you want to ask about the laser whitening process. It is able to get your teeth as much as five or six shades whiter in just one sitting. This means you can get amazingly white teeth in about an hour.

This process involves placing a protectant on your gums first and then a special bleaching compound on your teeth. A special light is applied because the compound is activated by the light.

The Best Candidates

The process used by dentists does not whiten everyone’s teeth. When teeth are certain colors, some are hardly whitened at all. Gray teeth are the hardest to get white. The color that works best is teeth that are yellow. When getting a consultation from a dentist, you can learn what can be expected from it.

Another way to get your teeth white, which is less expensive, is to get the chemicals for whiter teeth from your dentist. They can provide you with a kit that you can use at home.

When your teeth are less than white and you are looking for quality teeth whitening treatment, the dentists at Global Family Dental can help you. Call today about any questions or call for a consultation appointment.